Buying Guide

  1. béshopping pre-order is available as below:

    • Flights departing from TAIWAN: Pre-order is available 14 days before flight date, up to 24 hours prior to flight departure time(Local Time).
    • Flights from ASIA to TAIWAN: Pre-order is available 14 days before flight date, up to 48 hours prior to flight departure time(Local Time).
    • Flights from North America to TAIWAN: Pre-order is available 14 days before flight date, up to 72 hours prior to flight departure time(Local Time).
  2. Each passenger is eligible to have two pre-order purchases per flight. Each order is calculated individually. Any discount, promotion, or gift cannot be combined or redeem with other orders. If you have two orders, it is required to combine all orders and be packed under one single package due to limited loading capacities on flight, and it is not allowed to have your orders picked up separately.
  3. STARLUX Airlines béshopping Website accepts the following credit cards: MasterCard, Visa, American Express, JCB, Diners Club.
    All credit card purchases will be charged in TWD and each pre-order purchase must be paid using one credit card.
    Credit card limits will be determined in accordance with the regulations of the respective card issuing banks.
  4. STARLUX béshopping website also allows COSMILE members to pay for duty free pre-order purchases with mileage, but please pay attention to the following information:
    The benefit applies only to point-to-point duty free products availeble on STARLUX béshopping website with flights operated by STARLUX Airlines.
    Only those that are logged in as COSMILE members can deduct their own mileage, and the deduction only applies to a single transaction.
    Relevant regulations are handled according to the current COSMILE Program regulations and terms.
  5. Each passenger may modify or cancel the order within 72 hours prior from one departure day/time. Simply go on to "My Orders" in My Account section.
  6. If the flight itinerary is changed due to personal reasons or other force majeure events such as schedule changes, cabin class changes, cancellations, or bad weather, please proceed to "My Orders" in My Account section to cancel the order before new flight itinerary is confirmed. Moreover, place a new order within the specified time at your convenience.
    If the pre-order specified time has passed, our system will automatically cancel the order and credit back the amount to the credit card used for the original transaction 7 days after the end of the trip.
    Please note that the operation time for credit card refunds will vary depending on the issuing bank.
    We apologize for the inconvenience.
  7. When using the mileage to redeem duty free products, if you cancel your order within pre-order period, the mileage that is still valid on the day of the order cancellation will be returned to your COSMILE member account.
    Relevant regulations are handled according to the current COSMILE Program regulations and terms.
  8. To ensure the rights and benefits of our customers, you will be required to present your credit card used in ordering or passport for confirmation to our cabin crew when picking up your purchased items.
    If a relevant document cannot be provided to prove the identity of the buyer, goods pickup will be unavailable and we will automatically cancel the order.
  9. In compliance with the Computer-Processed Personal Data Protection Law, STARLUX Airlines is obligated to maintain confidentiality in the collection, processing and use of customers' personal information and shall not disclose such information to third parties or use it for other purposes without prior written consent from the customer.
  10. Due to the limited loading capacity, the maximum order quantity for each item will be adjust based on item attributes.
    Passengers are welcome to take advantage of the duty free pre-order service.
  11. Discounted items and cigarettes/tobacco are not eligible for promotional discounts.
  12. According to “Tobacco and Alcohol Administration Act” and “Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act” of Taiwan, it is illegal to sell tobacco and alcohol products to anyone under 18.
  13. After-sales Service

    1) There is no trial period for duty free products and we cannot exchange duty free products after purchase.
    2) For returns and warranty replacement, please keep your proof of purchase/receipt.
    3) We only accept returns for defective/damaged products with proof of purchase/receipt, and within 14 days from purchase date, exchanges or late requests are unacceptable. The returning product(s) must be in its complete original packaging with all accessories/parts/free gifts/warranty that came with the purchase. Please contact STARLUX Airlines for return/refund.
    4) Due to hygiene concerns, cosmetics, skincare products, food, and tobacco, must be in its original, unopened, and unused condition for returning.

    **If the promotion and/or discount is not eligible after applying for a refund, the amount of your purchase will be re-calculated.
  14. For inquiries, please contact the「 STARLUX Customer Service Center」 through Support.
  15. STARLUX Airlines reserves the right to change it’s polices without prior notice.